Saturday, June 13, 2009

News from Sydney....

June 2009 - New Dachshund Shop brought to you by Dachshund Daycare

I now have a dedicated shop for dachshunds and their owners which can be viewed on I have tried to put pictures up of dachshunds wearing either a collar or coat so you can get an idea of how it would look on your dog.

There are lots of new products including some great American made leather collars with some lovely new colours that look particularly good on our dachshunds. The prices for these collars are unbeatable from only $20 per collar. There is also a new range of puppy collars so that you no longer have to dress your dachshund in cat collars!

Sales will take place throughout the year which is something to keep any eye on. This month the dachshund soap is over 30% off and is now retailing at just $20.00. The soap makes an unusual gift for any dachshund lover in your life and this is your last chance to buy as it will no longer be stocked.

Kind regards,

Sharman Moore

June 2008 - Thought I would share this email with you all as it has set quite a precedent. LONG DOGS WA can only hope we get to this number - 35 dashies all meeting in Sydney - What a sight to see!!!

Come on WA ... help spread the word!

Go to the link on our blog - under "Merchandise for Long dogs" and feel free to have a browse. There is some great stuff!!!

Sent: Sunday, 15 June 2008
Subject: Dachshund Meet Up in WA

Hello Harley & Jett's owner!!

I've been doing my usual search for dachshund products and came across your site. I live in Sydney with a short haired mini called Tia and am somewhat passionate about these dogs. Its wonderful that you have started a dog walk for them and I thought I would let you know that in Sydney we now also have a dachshund meet up once a month. About 35 dogs and their owners usually turn up, but every month there are different people and dogs so probably more than that in total. I do hope you're successful in getting the word out - these dachshunds just seem to love meeting up with their own kind!

I run Dachshund Daycare and take in dachshunds here to my home when their owners go on holiday. It was a way of having more dachshunds in my life without owning them all! Although this part of the business won't be much help to you over in WA I do also run an online shop with gift items sourced from around the world, together with some collars/leashes and coats specifically for the dachshund. The shop is quite a new part of the business and I'm trying to get word out about the shop.

I would be very happy to put your link up on my links page too.

Hope to hear from you and will definately put any West Australian dachshunds your way.

Kind regards,
Sharman Moore

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