Monday, December 29, 2008

Introducing Benny...

My name is Carole I am Benny's mum.

Benny is a member of long dogs.
Two weeks ago we went down south for a weekend and left Ben with a 
Pet minding company, which I might add is a national company.

We thought this was the safest option after checking out the house and the 
minder who also had two dogs.

Sadly on Sunday night our little Ben was run over by the minder and he passed away.
We are absolutely devastated and cant understand how this has happened.
At the moment we are too distraught to think of another puppy but down the track
I am sure we will as we miss having Ben around  so terribly much.
So hopefully you will hear from us if and when we decide to adopt another Dashy.
Pats and wishes to all the other Dashys.


Member #34

ABOUT ME: Benny was born in October 2008. He is a real treasure! He has lots of character and a very gentle nature and loves the beach and swimming in the pool! Benny flew all the way from Lismore to be with us. Above is a photo of Benny and his mum.

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