Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEWSFLASH....Lola's had puppies

Long Dogs WA member "Lola" gave birth to SEVEN gorgeous little puppies on 21 December 2008.

The Proud dad ..."Wiener"
If anyone is interested or knows of anyone looking for a dachsund and will give one of Lola's puppies a good home. The puppies will be ready on 21 February.

For further information give Fesi a call on 0401 057 401.

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  1. oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! They are the cutest things ever...i am soooo jealous, i wish Frankie was still a puppy, or at least could have puppies, but then that would mean we would need to turn back the clock haha
    ohhhhhhhhhh good luck! I want them all....but i have 2 dogs :( and i think a 3rd dachie might cause problems! :( boohoo!