Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Memory ... Rosie

Very sadly, our beloved and very quirky dachshund Rosie, who had just turned 12, died on the 14th November, 2010 from a probable brain tumour. She was very brave despite losing her sight, smell and hearing over just a few weeks.

She is very sadly missed by her sister Georgy, who has been seen pining at her graveside, her loving brother Matt and her parents. She was a dear member of our family.
R.I.P Rosie xxxxx

Member # 33

ABOUT ME: I am the most neurotic 10 year old dachshund my mother says she has ever owned - and she would know, as she's had six of us by now! I used to somersault completely off the ground. Mum thought she was going mad the first time she saw me do it. Since my cervical disc injury Mum's decided this is a bad idea. Dad wanted to give me pills to calm me down - Mum said an overdose wasn't what the vet had in mind!!

I'm the cinderella of the household to Georgy; my archnemesis! Sadly, I won't get to meet you guys, as I hate all other dogs ......despite the pills.

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