Thursday, April 23, 2009

In memory... Joy

Sadly Joy passed away at the age of 8 years and 11 months on Wednesday night December 19, 2012.

Last Wednesday when we came home from the movies Joy was running around the house excited as usual. Then ten minutes later she collapsed and we rushed her to Balcatta Hospital. The vet said she might be in anaphylaxis shock from a possible bee sting. 

She progressively got worse not responding to treatment. After further investigation the vet found tumours on her heart, spleen and her abdomen. She was also hemorrhaging internally, and finally at death's door 2 hours later we agreed to let her go peacefully. 

A very happy, excited, joyful Joy became a very fond memory 2 hours later. 

Apparently this type of cancer is called a silent killer where there are no signs until the dog collapses and eventually dies.  

Member # 48

ABOUT ME: My owners rescued me from the RSPCA when I was 4yrs. I am now 8 years old. 
I have two mean cats in the family who like to sneak up and scare me. I love blankets, cuddles, walkies and food especially cat biscuits that fall on the floor. I don't like playing with toys unless there is food in them. I never use the toilet at the park because that would be so embarrassing. 

I earn my keep by guarding our house from the evil cats from the neighbourhood. I love to chase cats but I get in trouble for doing that because my family have to run after me and they don't want me to be run over because everything else goes out the window when I see a cat and I get a bit silly. My favourite person in the world is my daddy because he loves me more that his human children and he always lets me finish his food :-)

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