Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dachshunds in the Park...

Sunday, 10th January 2009
Riverside Gardens, Bayswater

WoW! What a morning, an outstanding turn out with great weather (not too hot), fabulous large parklands to explore ... what more could one want ?!

Alright perhaps a few more local members who knew Riverside Gardens and a few less rude cyclists whizzing passed us???
Group photo (26 dachshunds) with 4 more turning up making a grand total of 30 dogs!

That is almost half the club. Fantastic effort everyone - Thanks!

Schnitzel the only one to take a dip!

Although I think he may have needed to cool off especially as he took a particular liking to "Lady"!

Due to the busy festive season approaching our next "Dachshunds in the Park" will be held:

DATE: Sunday, 10th January 2010

MEETING POINT: Grassy area near car park at the end of Milne Street - Riverside Gardens, Bayswater
TIME: 8.45am meeting point walk to start at 9.00am (so it does not get too hot for the dogs)

Riverside Gardens:
The vast open spaces of Riverside Gardens make this Bayswater location one of the best suburban free-run areas around. Add to this; riverside frontage with a small beach, BBQ facilities, and shady gazebos then you have a valuable community facility that is a great meeting place for dogs and handlers alike.
The gardens are landscaped so as to provide interest and variety but without intruding on the generous free-run area.

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