Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing Wiener...

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ABOUT ME: I am a dapple dachshund born in NSW in December 2009.
I am excited to find that there are a lot of people in WA with dachshund pups, I got mine from a breeder in NSW. His dad was a miniature and his mum was a small normal sized one so I am interested in seeing how big he grows. I am keen on coming along to the walks and meeting some other owners and getting some training tips etc


  1. Hi,
    I grew up with dachshunds and they are particularly difficult to train, however, not impossible and they do learn quickly. I found for separation anxiety to try and not make a fuss when you leave and return, to start try leaving for 1hour then 2hours then 3hours and build it up and also leave something that smell of you.

    As for toilet training just take him/her outside every 30 mins or so, soon you will find he/she will sit at the door when they need to go. Good luck, stick with it they are definitely worth the effort.

    Let me know how you go?

  2. Stevie and Lisa30 January, 2010


    Well my two took about 8 months to toilet train! And even now if they see a shag pile rug they will pee on it. They are 14 montsh old. Lucky we dont have carpet anywhere in our house so I took the rugs up and they have a dog door now and they are fine.

    I was told to do things like wash my floors witha bit of lavender oil, wipe it on the dogs and on their bed so it all smells the same and they will associate it with themself so they wont pee on it. Just have to take them out and wait there and praise them lots and lots. And have lots of patience. One of the hardest breeds to toilet train they say and I believe it but I dont care I love them! I also tried sprinkling cayenne pepper when they were a bit older in this one spot they kept going too and it seemed to work.

    Mine never had separation anxiety as they had each other but they say ticking clock?

    Good luck, its worth it. They are so affectionate and lovely dogs to have. I will never have any other type.

  3. Hi Jen,

    It took 6 months for Roly to go to the toilet outside everytime by himself, the effort is worth it, they are great dogs. I literally took him outside every hour on the hour and put him on the grass and stayed there till he went, then gave him lots and lots of praise. Obviously this can not happen when you are not there, but do it whenever you can. As far as separation anxiety, hopefully he will get used to you going out it has only been two days, I was on holidays when I got Roly, I went out each day and gradually made it longer and longer, something I think Weiner would love is some clothing of yours to sleep on so he can still smell you when you are not there, I pulled out an old jumper I didn't really need and he loved it.

    Good luck

  4. Hi,

    i have two dachshund one is 10 months old and has sep anxiety he is getting better i had to call garth jenning he is a animal behaviour spec he gave me some great help with leo i still have a long way to go with leo he has anxiety with visitors and other dogs his no is 1300 887 158 he is away till the 5th of feb he charges 245.00 for house visit and that includes classes plus on going help. hang in there it does get easier 1 thing he said to do is put the dogs out side 20 minutes before you leave and let them in just before you go then they dont see you getting ready to go. dachshund are very emotional dog they are a people dog.

    hope this helps.

  5. Carole and Benny30 January, 2010


    We had a bit of touble toilet training our Benny as we don’t have lawn only brickpaving and and courtyards.

    A doggy door is a great idea as they learn very quickly to use it.

    Outside the doggy door and maybe some other door we got some offcuts of synthetic grass. It took a few days

    but he never looked back. He also loved to and still does to roll and scratch himself on it.

    He still toilets on it a lot of the time now. Take him to it to toilet and you should find he will go back to the same spot.

    Once he continues to use it as a habit you can bucket it down with some bleach and water once a week to keep smell

    and flies away.

    Ben also has a teddy which he has had from day one. He sleeps with it and carries it around the house everywhere.

    He never had anxiety as it was a great comfort to him and still is.

    Hoping this may work for you.

    Good luck.

  6. hi

    one of mine, leo is 4 and a half months so i've been through it recently

    i guess the main thing is not to expect too much too soon

    remember he's left the security of his whole family and life and he's probably really scared

    it takes about 2 weeks before they get the hang of the new household and probably 2 months before they really settle in

    as far as toilet training goes, just keep taking him outside regularly especially after sleeps and meals-it gets very boring but it works in the long run

    use words like ' do a whizz!' to encourage them to go to the loo and eventually they'll go on command- it's probably hard to believe right now but they will

    don't smack or punish for accidents-it'll just scare him more at this stage- just a 'no!' is enough

    also i really dislike being playbitten by a puppy(teaches them bad habits) and discourage it by keeping a soft toy (coles have some great squeaky toys) on hand to offer instead.

    dachsies are trainable, it's just that i've found the males can be slightly harder-

    it's just like a new baby - the first few days are the hardest

    give him lots of love !!!

    i look forward to meeting wiener at the next walk

    best of luck

  7. Lyndell and Miss Ruby30 January, 2010

    HI, I remember being shocked at how "defiant" Ruby was to train her (including toilet). I had dachshunds when I was a child, but since had a labrador, beagle, german shepherd (all of these dogs went perfectly through dog obedience) and lastly minifoxy/jack russell who was such a little lady. In the end, the place where I kennel her (Uneetoile Dachshunds, Terry & Michelle Lynch -08 9390 1910) provided lots of excellent guidance . Michelle is a dog trainer and has great insight into the dachshund mind!! I know she would be more than happy to help you out.

    Here are some things that I think may help. They are points I have gleaned about the psyche of the dachsie but I am still learning too!! I'm sure you will get great advice from others more experienced.

    One of things that makes them different to a lot of other dogs is that they think for themselves and are highly intelligent. They work things out and then do what is best for them. They love routine and are very organised. Hence it was important for me to establish who was the "leader of the pack" (ie me and not her). It took a bit of perseverance but we got there in the end and she seems very happy with this result. She is actually VERY obedient now and looks to me for any direction including when off lead. My hubby now calls me the "top bitch" in the family!!

    Separation anxiety is something I worry a little about - when I see people with two or more dachshunds I understand why as this would alleviate the problem. I find Ruby is VERY social and needs to socialise and meet people and dogs often (hence the long dogs is a great idea!!). I do the normal things of not making a fuss leaving and arriving, making sure she has somewhere that is "hers" but I do find that she will always find some clothing of mine to curl up with (or take to her bed). When I have made overnight trips away I will often leave a jumper/shirt (that is ready to wash but has my scent on it) in her bed -saves her selecting something else of mine that might be precious. She seems happy with this.

    Toilet training took a long time!! But finally I asked the vet to check her urine and the poor little thing had a urinary infection!! Imagine how bad I felt!! But perserverance does pay off - she is very fussy now although she will do a little wee when a visitor arrives and she gets excited.

    I'm not sure if you are into complimentary medicine or not, but I use Australian bush flowers on the whole family including Ruby. You can buy a bottle of Emergency Essence at all Friendlies Chemist and most health food shops. These drops may help - just put 7 drops in the mouth (Ruby sits and waits for hers and takes them by mouth), drop on her food or wipe on the fur around the face. Use for 2 weeks morning and night and then use when you leave Weiner for any length of time. It's great for anything from cuts/burns to trauma and is completely safe. Just a suggestion :))

    Good luck and stay strong - haha!! It will be worth it in the end. Ruby is so much part of our lives in a way that no other dog has done. My hubby absolutely adores her and walks around nursing her like a baby - yet he was the one who didn't want another bl##dy dog.

    Looking forward to hearing success with Weiner and his progress (positive thinking here!!)

  8. Hi!!

    We got one of those mini hot water bottles that have teddy bear covers and gave that to our puppy at night to cuddle up to. We just made it body temperature. she loved it and always cuddled up to it. seemed to be a mum replacement :)

    Hope that helps

  9. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all your help! He has slept through the past two nights in the laundry without crying, he also now has a little doggie door which he is loving to use! I got him a teddy bear and he drags it around everywhere and sleeps on it.

    Toilet training is still proving to be difficult but he does seem to be getting the hang of it slowly. Each day is getting better!

    He is so adorable and loves to play! Hope to see you all at the walk in March.

    Will keep you posted on how Wiener progresses.

    Thanks again!

  10. our roxy was a hard one to toilet train too, we started by placing newspaper where she was going, then slowly moved the newspaper out side :D. As far as the seperation anxiety goes have you considered maybe sending him to a doggy day care ? i know it sounds a bit weird but most kennels run a day care and cost are like 5 dollars a day. i send my two to the paws house in canningvale, lee and claire take good care of them. im sure they have too much fun to even think about me

  11. Melissa and Schnitzel01 February, 2010

    Hi Jen

    We had a lot of trouble with separation anxiety with Schnitzel and to be honest the solution was time and activities. Both myself and my partner work 8 hour days and he would whine and yap really badly when we left in the morning! What we did:

    · Gave him loads of entertaining things to do, toys, pigs ears, rubber kong with treats inside

    · Left the radio on talkback so he had human voices

    · Gave him Breakfast just as we left he was doing his favourite thing..Eating!

    · Walked him every morning so he had a positive experience before we left (also a chance to go to the toilet)

    · Never return once you have left as it reinforces that if he yaps you come back to him, I found this very difficult but after 4 weeks he doesn’t yap (even now he does still get anxious but he copes)

    I’m in IT and went to the extreme of installing a puppy cam so I can watch him at work all day! I found he cried for 2-3 minutes then just started playing or napping! Typical boy.

    In terms of peeing we got schnitzel the training pee pads and he started on them, then we got a doggy door installed so we trained him to go outside. It took about 1 month and he’s great. Number 1 rule, catch him in the act. We use the loud BAAA voice if Schnitz does something wrong. I would literally follow him all the time if he went to pee in the wrong spot I’d say BAAA and carry him immediately to the garden or pee pad and give him treats and praise him if he goes in the right spot. Every morning he gets taken out side and every night too...we don’t go in until he pees and once he does he gets loads of praise. Now he is just use to the routine and pees straight away.

    I honestly thought he would never learn, but persistence pays and he’s just a pleasure now! The problem with Dachshunds is they are smarter than us J

    Every puppy is different but I hope some of these tips help!