Friday, February 12, 2010

Please help us find Honey...

On Thursday the 4th of Feb, our sausage dog Honey squeezed through the bars of our gate, this was because I had started working and she was alone at home. She was last sighted at 2pm in Victoria street Mosman Park WA.

When we got Honey from an old couple last year in April she weighed 9.6kg, we took her for walks everyday and put her on a "diet" her weight went down to 6.4kg and she was full of life and the fittest little sausage that you could meet. Some of you met her at the last Long dog walk in Tomato Park. Remember how she loved to chase her ball?

Honey is red/brown with a white patch on her chest, her registration tag is on her leash, so she has no ID on her. She was wearing a black collar as seen in the photos. We think that she was picked up as we have contacted all the dog pounds and vets in our area and beyond. We are frantic to get her back!!

She has a group on facebook and a Gumtree advert and a slideshow on You tube. Go on facebook and join the group and invite as many people that you know in Perth. Her e-mail is
Please help us to bring Honey home!!!
Keep you eyes on the ground.


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