Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introducing Cookie and Lulu...

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ABOUT US: They came from the same breeder down in Esperance. Cookie was born in june 2009, she is a very busy dog and very affectionate, loves chasing after the ball and is a real lady when it comes to food, she loves our walks to the beach and playing in the water,
she is very well behaved at coffee shops as she sits patiently while us girls have coffee or on sunday breakfast, the 2 of them are a big attraction as they curl up together for a sleep after a walk at Soda cafe on west coast highway.

Lulu was born in december 2010 so is still a puppy, she is the guts, will eat everything and anything, her nickname is hippo.....she is a much heavier set dog than cookie who is slim and athletic, Lulu lives for food and is always around your feet in the kitchen hoping for titbits, she also loves to cuddle up on anyones lap to sleep, but at night she curls up with Chloe the retriever.I think the two of them have given Chloe a new lease of life !!!!!

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  1. I cant wait to meet them in December! Hopefully they will get on with Chester-bear... alternatively if they dont get on, he may be having hot dogs for a snack LOL !!