Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing Jasmine...

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ABOUT ME: I couldn’t stop crying and pining after my dachsie, Peggy whom I had to leave in South Africa when we moved to Oz. She was nearly 9 years old and suffers from ‘separation anxiety’ and wouldn’t survive the 7 months in quarantine.

Jaz was born in September 2008 on a farm near Gingin. She was a birthday present from my husband and we fetched her in October 2008. She slept in my arms for the first 8 moths of her live. She now sleeps in her own room (the laundry) with a doggy door, so she come and goes as she pleases.

She has a very strong personality and likes to have her own way. She tends to dominate other dogs and make sure they know she is number one, but she’s not aggressive. She is very active and intelligent, so it’s quite a challenge to keep her busy and stimulated as she tends to chew or dig if she gets bored. She’s been to training school and knows all the basic commands. We live across a park and her favorite past time is to lie on our bed in the morning sun and watch the kids play, but she hates push bikes, skateboards and scooters. Every time one passes the window she kicks up a huge racket.

My mum lives with us, so she pretty much always have human company; we think she doesn’t really know she is a dog.

We can’t wait to meet you all as we love long walks and making new friends.

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