Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introducing Jezzie...

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ABOUT ME: Jezzie was born in March 2005 and is all the way from Africa – she has lived in Botswana, South Africa and now Australia – quite a globe trotter! We look forward to joining in on all the fun events.

Message from Jezzie : " I am the apple of my Mom & Dad’s eye! I LOVE eating… anything. Love toys - especially if they squeak. Unfortunately, I am not very social, the long quarantine has made me very suspicious of everyone I meet….especially humans. I love my walks but the big dogs scare me, then I want to go home. I am very friendly towards my own breed though…I trust them."

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  1. We left our 2 sausage babies at home in SA, we couldn't do the quarantine. We got Honey a 3 year old from an old couple and she ran away in Feb this year. We now have 2 puppies which will be posted soon Jozi and Shinga. Wish you all the best in Oz!!