Friday, September 3, 2010

In Memory...Rudy

Sadly Rudy passed away on 3 September 2010
We are very sad and will miss him terribly, he was one awesome dog.
He loved us all, he taught us to laugh at life and how to love. He was the coolest dog ever.
Tirelessly loving and beloved family member for 14 and a half years.
Mandy, Brad, Olie and Frankie xxxxxxxxxx

Member # 75


ABOUT ME: My name is Rudy and I live in Willagee, if you live in Willagee you will have seen me around a lot with my mum walking in the mornings, we know quite a few people now as everyone always stops to talk to me. I love food! If I could use my thlydamide legs and paws I would definitely eat lots more FOOD. I love going to the South Beach dog beach with my family and sniffing all the lovely smells all over the beach yum yum yum. I love cuddles and I love to sing. I sing for my breakfast (to let you know I'm starving and its way past breakfast time) and I sing because im happy. I am almost 14 years old now in human years (I am having a big birthday in March) and I have a feeling there will be lots of smackos and chicken necks, Yum yum yum! I'm looking forward to the dog walk in march as it is always nice to talk to someone whos on my level. Cheerio, Rudy

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