Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dachshund Rescue Update...

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I am presently working as a volunteer with rescue. I rescue many breeds of dogs including x breeds. It is a great feeling to find homes for dogs that cannot find their owners and these dogs do include dachshunds, along with many purebred breeds.

Please can I remind you to make sure your dog is microchipped and registered with your local council. You would be surprised at how many are not (including purebred dachshunds). I have also had my dachshund's microchip checked at my vets to ensure it hasn't moved or lost as this has been known to happen.

We are lucky that we have a Dachshund Rescue (based in NSW) who also help with abandoned dachshunds and I'm pleased to report the latest re-homing has been in WA.

If you are interested in providing a home for dachshund OR you are happy to foster one in Perth while we wait to find a forever home, please let Sharman Moore know on Dachshund Rescue -

Sometimes these dogs are in pounds and it is a desperate situation - councils only need to hold the dog for 72 hrs before putting to sleep, so a temporary home is often the only thing that saves the dog from death and can provide a time to find a new forever home.

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