Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dachshund U.N.

Many of our members took part in this but if you didn't but want to still go along and check it out:

Performances: 6th November and 13th November 2010
Time: 2pm
Duration: 45minutes
Location: Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre

Greetings fellow Dachshund lovers of Perth!
Apologies for the group email- the response to the callout was huge and this is the only way i can (try) to keep up with you all. I'm also sorry it has taken me so long to even get this reply to you.

Now then, firstly.. A GIANT THANKYOU for responding to my callout for the DACHSHUND UN.

Some of you would have seen (or even helped with- 'norbert'!) the first version of this project, which took place in Melbourne in May of this year. If you haven't, some of the links below will help give you an idea of what will be involved for the Perth edition, which will take place at PICA on November 6th and 13th.....
(a short video from a story about the project that screened on the ABC)
(some good images of the project)
Take a look at these if you are not familiar with the project, You will be one of the people that you can't see underneath the platforms, and yr beloved dachshunds will be the one's staging a meeting of the United Nations!

So the next step is for us all to meet in person before the project. This needn't take any longer than 20 mins or so, and just gives me a chance to photograph you and yr dog and gives you a chance to ask me any questions that you might have about the project, before deciding whether or not you'd like to be involved. You are obviously under no obligation to proceed, but i would love to have you all involved, and can assure you it's a very fun project with spots for all who wish to be involved.

To make this easy for us all, for the next two Saturdays (october 16th and 23rd) I will spend the afternoon at a park in Leederville between 12 and 5pm, and am now inviting you to bring you and your dogs down there at any time between 12 and 5 that suits you.

The park is next to the freeway, at the very end of Bourke st, opposite the tennis club. It will be easy for me to spot you- via the dachies, but I will be sitting on a green chair near to the playground on the Bourke St side of the park. I will attach a map to this email.

I know it's very short notice for tomorrow, but if any of you could make it down tomorrow afternoon that would be fantastic.

If not, just let me know and as i said before- I will be doing the same thing for the next two weekends. I can also make some weekday times available if that suits you more, as some of you may work on the weekends.

Once again, thankyou! I look forward to meeting you and your dachshunds (greatest creature on earth) and hope you will enjoy this project as much as I have.

Also, if any of you are members of the awesome 'longdogs WA' club- can you please forward this to all yr members?

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Bennett Miller
Dachshund UN

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