Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing Daphne...

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ABOUT ME: I have a mini smooth called Daphne who was born in 2008. She is the love of my life, even though she loves my dad and my boyfriend more than me! She was bred by Ian from
Lowenhyte Daschunds. Daphne's best friend and adopted mother is Tilly a kelpie cross, who was 13 years old when we got Daphne. At first Tilly wasn't sure what to make of this new "rat" we had just brought home, but after about a week they were inseparable. Tilly cleans Daphne from head to toe every day and gives way to her in everything, including food and chewy toys. Unfortunately Tilly is getting on a bit and turns 16 this year and we aren't sure how Daphne will cope when Tilly goes to the big farm in the sky. So looking forward to meeting lots more friends through Long Dogs WA for Daphne.

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