Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing Dobie...

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ABOUT ME: Dobie is a very smart standard smooth-haired female who loves to boss around Rocket. When she was a puppy, she chewed everything, and I mean EVERYTHING including the dog house. Thank goodness she has grown out of that (and the chillies helped). We named her Dobie because she sounds and looks just like a Doberman but a quarter the height!

We are first-time Dachshund owners but have had both dogs for over a year now. I can't imagine life without them and there is nothing better than to see their faces at the bottom of the gate waiting for me to get home from work every day. They are a great de-stressor.

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  1. Hi, Molly (member 133)allows me to live with her, check out this book by a Canadian living in Bali, this is a couple of sample chapters, one of which is called Doberman Lite about a Dachshund called Daisy who comes to stay and eventually live with her.
    Looking forward to meeting Dobie and Rocket at the next walk if you are there.