Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing Lucy...

Member #128

ABOUT ME:  Hello, My name is Lucy. I was born on 17th August 2010 and my parents picked me up when I was 8wks old. I'm a miniature dappled daschund with a medium coat and orignally came from the Eastern states. I had a blast at Puppy Pre-School and topped the class on most occasions...but I have forgotten most of the things I learnt. I love going down the beach, swimming in the pool and tearing my parents house to bits... I try help with the gardening and love going for a walk to play with the other dogs... but I'm the smallest by a long shot and need to meet some small friends. Looking forward to meeting some more little friends!


  1. She's just gorgeous! Did you happen to get her from a store in Mt Lawley? If so, i have her sister!! Stephanie

  2. Hey, Yes we did and we have been wondering where her sister may be! We will have to arrange a catch up. Are you on the Facebook Group? Steve