Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sending Jett our warmest wishes to get well soon...

We have had some distressing news about one of our founders of Long Dogs WA "Jett" .... 

A few weeks ago he presented with all the clinical signs of a dog with severe neck & back pain caused either through an injury he sustained at some stage (we don’t know when as there was no specific incident/event) or, worst case scenario the onset of degenerative spine disease, which Dacchies are predisposed to. 

There is not much we can do for him at this stage other than trying to reduce the swelling and inflammation through strict rest (in a cage with 2 hourly toilet breaks), pain killers and anti-inflammatories and of course being positive.   He will have another assessment and further diagnostic tests with the specialist in early March and we will know more then but at this stage we are just trying to keep him as still and as comfortable as possible.

He sadly will not be joining us on the next walk but should you like to send Jett some get well wishes please feel free to add your comments to the blog below this posting. 

Thank you.


  1. Lots of love and pats to Jett, we hope he has a speedy recovery!

    Love Rino xo

  2. Take it slow and easy Jett! I was in a similar situation last year but it came good with lots of rest and painkillers and then followed up with acupuncture and bowen therapy. Paws crossed for you!

    Miss Ruby xo

  3. Very sad to hear all the best for a speedy recovery

    T-Bone xx

  4. Get well! Will hopefully play again soon.

    Polly & Pepper

  5. Molly and her persons Andrew & Debbie wish Jett a rapid and painfree recovery and look forward to walking with you again.
    Love from Molly