Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Introducing Phantom...

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ABOUT ME: We are the proud new owners of the handsome Phantom.  We adopted him through Dachshund Rescue Australia from another loving family who have had a drastic change in their circumstances and can't care for Phanty anymore.  He has settled in very well.  Probably a little too well as he enjoys sleeping at night on my daughters bed lol.

We have started to take him everywhere we go on the weekends so he has been to friends houses, soccer practice with my little boy, soccer games with our friends and to the video shop today aswell....until we got asked to take him outside...(oops).

We would love to meet up with other Dachshund owners so i can learn more about the breed.  Phantom is a pedigree Miniature Smooth Black and Tan but carrying a little pudge so now a Small Standard Smooth.  He is quite standoffish when he first meets people but once he has relaxed he is quite affectionate.  He was born in Houston, Texas in March 07 and came to Australia in Jan 2010.  We have had him a week and love him to bits.

Look forward to meeting you at your next get together.


  1. Anonymous24 May, 2011

    Hi, I was so pleased to see Phantom found his new home, I rang about him on the day you picked him up as I would have had him to be Molly's (member 133) brother.
    Sleeping on the bed is not a problem, Molly insists on being in bed, and will take herself back there in the morning after we get up.
    Check out a site called dachshundlove in the US, it has lots to look at.
    Molly and I look forward to meeting Phantom at the next walk.

  2. Anonymous25 May, 2011

    Oh lovely to hear that Phantom is happy and well loved. I work in rescue and was contacted about this boy. He "wow"ed everyone who saw his photo. The dachshund philosophy of "all dachshunds sleep on human's beds" was abit of a shock for me at first too. Or should I say under the bedclothes. Just have to watch the jumping off the bed re the back. Looking forward to meeting Phantom and your family at the next Longdog walk.

    Lyndell and Miss Ruby

  3. Sue, So pleased to hear its all going well with Phantom! He really is such a handsome boy, albeit a naughty one if he's still sleeping on beds. Not that I can talk because Tia shares mine too!

  4. Phantom! What an awesome name for a black and tan! He is just gorgeous.

    I think all dachshunds are a little bit 'standoffish' at first it's kind of their way to prove they are better than us mere humans. But then they succumb to the cuddles because they love them so much.

    Our Noodle although sleeping in the living room at night, every morning runs into our bedroom, tail wagging ready to come up for cuddles on the bed! Cheeky monkey.