Sunday, October 16, 2011

Introducing Alfie...

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ABOUT ME: My name is Alfie, I am a little miniature longhair dachshund, am almost 8 years old and live with my parents Yvonne and Cyrill in Butler, north of Perth. Yvonne and Cyrill have moved here from Switzerland 2 years ago and adopted me 6 weeks after their arrival. Apparently they always dreamed of having a little dachshund, but since they where both working full time in Switzerland, this was not possible. Oh, by the way, I am bilingual, speak English and Swiss German. ;-) 

I have spent the first 6 years of my live with my breeder, who was really nice to me, but there where many other doggies and she did not have the time to give me the cuddles I need. How different my life is now! My mum is only working a few hours a week, which means that I spend most of the time with her. She loves to take me for walks and to give me at least 1000 cuddles a day. And I am always so excited when Cyrill gets home after work, he is the best dad ever! My parents say that I have changed their lives, they sure have made my life beautiful! They plan to join you for the next walk. I am really excited about this, but also a little bit afraid, since I am a very shy little fellow.

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