Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Introducing Snickers...

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ABOUT ME: Snickers was born on Valentines Day this year, and has become a wonderful companion to our family which comprises of myself, my husband Nathan and son, Michael who is 5 years. At the moment he's  almost 10 months of age.

 He's a very chilled out dog, very gentle natured and loves affection. He takes his role of being a  personal escort for us from room to room very seriously.  He's also started to bark when people come to the door and is very very social with people as well as all dogs. He thinks everyone should be his friend. He also gets along beautifully with his little mouse friend, Toffee who likes to sit on him. As far as puppies go, he's not too mischievious, leaving along most things, but does like to run off with shoes and tissues... He's obviously a delight to be around, and just enjoys being with us all the time.  He's been great to train, and of course, loves his walks around Carine Open Space.

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  1. Welcome Snickers, Valentines day is my Molly's (member 133) birthday too, she will be 3 next Valentines day.