Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dachshunds in the Park...

Sunday, 19th February 2012
Tomato Lake - Kewdale

 Group photo - another record 88 dogs in total:-)

Casual stroll round the lake

Our next walk is scheduled for :

DATE:   Sunday, 19th February 2012

MEETING POINT:   Tomato Lake, Kewdale on grassy area near Coffee kiosk (plenty of parking on Scenic Drive off Oats Street)

TIME:   9.30am for 9.45am start

*Coffee kiosk opens 9am

There is a cyclepath that is 1.52 kilometres around the lake and a 104m boardwalk going over the lake. This works out as an ideal walk for the dogs as it is short and a complete circle.

As always we are open to suggestions and recommendations for good parks to hold a walk. Ideally with lots of parking, and a short but circular walk so as to be considerate of our older Long Dog members.
But please ensure should you nominate a park or know the park that we attend please can you make yourself known so that we at least have some local knowledge of the area. Thanks :-)

Lastly, if you have found our blog or bumped into a member at a park we would love you to join us but please just send me an email before arriving on the day with your details and photos etc as it saves time on the day trying to make sure we have everyone registered and their contact details. Your adherence to this would be greatly appreciated.


Don't forget we also have a facebook page where you can ask members questions.


  1. Hyde Park in Highgate, on Vincent Street, is a good park for Summer. Not too big, not too small: just right. And importantly, it is VERY SHADY.

  2. And I forgot to add, Hyde Park's walk is circular, and one can opt to do a shorter circuit around just one lake , for older dogs. There is parking on Glendower Street and on Throssel Street, on the west and south side of the park.

  3. Thought a good spot for our next walk could be Salters Point at the end of Elderfield Road by the river. It has a small car park but plenty of verge parking, a public loo, a water fountain for people and dogs and a good cicuit route around the wetlands if you walk left from the starting point, they can even have a swim in the river after at the boat ramp.

  4. I made enquiries at Whiteman park for you.
    There are so many walks but might be best if we went to Mussell Pool as there is plenty of parking plus a lot of shade.

    If people want they can then either go home or go to the Dog Park or even better still drive or walk to the village for a coffee. The only stipulation is Dogs must be on lead (except in dog Park) and there must be Poo bags used.

    Hope this helps for one of your walks.