Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing Matilda...

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ABOUT ME: I was having a coffee in Subi when a lovely man approached me when he noticed I had a mini dashie puppy. He told me there is a "long dogs" club specifically for dachies, and told me how to find you guys!  My pup is 3 and a half months, she is special that she is silver dappled, and her name is Tilly (short for Matilda). 

Tilly arrived from a small town called Wauchope, NSW. She was one of 6 pups, but most definitely the 'special girl'. Tills has a gorgeous blue eye, and 2 extra claws on her back feet! Makes her that extra special :) I had been searching for a little sister for our other silver dapple girl, Bella, who lives down south in Bunbury with her other mum. Tilly was born on the 1.1.12 (special date isn't it!) and is the  perfect little girl. She loves to chew EVERYTHING in site (especially shoes) and loves to follow her mom everywhere in the house (she even opens the bathroom door to make sure I haven't left her!). We cant wait to meet more little sausages like her, be ready for a good play chase!

My other mini dachshund (who is long haired) lives down south in Bunbury where my family live. I have  attached a picture of Tilly and Bella together :)

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