Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing Shibardicles...

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ABOUT ME: Some details about the little munchkin (above a photo from when she was a puppy!!) Name: Shibardicles (aka Sheba, sometimes known as Tiny Dancer)
Gender: Female (de-sexed
Age: nearly 18 months
Size: 7-7.5kg (bit big for a miniature, really)
Colour: Black and Tan 
Good habits: loves to frolic on grass, very playful, can play dead (rather hilarious), very cuddly and affectionate, excellent on-leash walker, very intelligent, will paddle in the shallows at the beach. Generally an awesome little dog.
Bad habits: likes to eat pens and golf tees, can be very defensive and/or barky if approached too quickly (occupational hazard with small kids Vs a cute looking dog), doesn't particularly like being left alone for too long. Will continually wee if she's too excited or nervous, despite my best efforts. Never caught a bird- but not for lack of trying! Always in the wars (highlights the value of pet insurance).

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