Sunday, May 20, 2012

Introducing Isey...

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ABOUT ME: Isey is 3 years old will be 4 in November, she is our 7th Dachie, we lost our two older girls last year, one in Feb and our other in Nov. Isey was breed locally. Our older girls Babe & Princess trained her for us. She is a fantastic little girl, travel everywhere with us as all of them have. She is ball mad, not like our other two. Isey has to have an hour or two of full on ball time each evening, normally when the beer comes out. We live in Glen Forrest, in the Perth Hill about 6 kms from Mundaring. 
We are leaving in 4 weeks time to travel up the centre then down the west coast. Isey will of course come with us. We intend to be home in early September, so hope we can join your walk in October.

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  1. Anonymous02 June, 2012

    Cute girl. Ours love going for a drive but I could never get them to fetch a ball. They just chase it and walk away to the next smell.