Friday, August 31, 2012

Introducing Smudge...

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ABOUT ME: Smudge adopted us when he was 17 weeks old and thinks he has us pretty well trained, except for that leaving the house thing we do on occasion.  He’s working on that and figures with plenty of rewards and positive reinforcement we’ll stop that unwanted behaviour. … I can’t exactly say it isn’t working.

He is a long haired black and tan mini, now nearly five months of age and a schmoozer from way back.  We call him recycled because he went through a couple of homes before he made it to us.  Surprisingly that seems to have made him a very friendly and resilient young man.  He does like to show off his big dog bark when he meets new canine friends, but he does get over it.  Mostly. He’s not really convinced when other dogs say they don’t want to play; after all, isn’t that what life’s about? But he is good natured about it, he just doesn’t give up.

He is good mates with longdogger Ted, with whom he shared a lovely home for a little while.  He also has a fairly serious crush on the beautiful Olive who he met in puppy school. His dachshund cousin Jaya is OK too, but settled into her middle age isn’t all that interested in the rough and tumble of being a puppy.

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