Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloweiner 2012

107 dachshunds and their owners came down to Riverside Gardens, Bayswater to celebrate Halloweiner on November 4. 

Similar events were being held nationwide as fundraisers for Dachshund Rescue Australia.  Our Perth gathering raised just over $1000 for this great cause.

The weather forecast was grim. At 11 am we were watching lighting and listening to thunder. Undaunted, inspired by the nature of our dogs, we set our shoulders and started to set up  under the only shelter we had.  

Right on time the rain clouds rolled away and the special guests started to arrive. We had 3 clear, but windy hours to have some fun. 

Some dogs were happy to be coming in their Halloweiner costume.
"All the bells and whistles"
"Pirate Bambi"
"Tilly's elegant tutu"
"Ride 'em coyboy" 

I think this little guy came as "Movember".  If anyone knows his name please let me know.

"Gretel with her flying cape, and she nearly needed it with all that wind"

"Who are smelled up as?"

"Maximus Maximus"

 We have a better group shot coming, but here's a taster

We had 107 dogs registered on the day, though we think there may have been some extras we didn't get to tick off the list. We didn't quite break the record of 110 dogs so there is something to aim for next time.

Special Events

Dashion parade

Best Costume - Female: Schlinky

Best Costume -  Male: Phoenix

Best in Show - "MISSY"

Best trick - Ryder and Joe

Race results

Race 1:  Ryder
Race 2: Missy
Race 3: Archie
Race 4: Dusti
Race 5: Pepe
Race 6: No entries
Race 7: Schnitzel

Dash for Cash

The sausages in buns, amazing cupcakes and melt in the mouth dachshund shaped shortbread cookies were intended for the humans, but we have reason to believe that some of the sausages were shared around...

Raffle - We had lots of happy raffle winners  - big thanks to Chiara and her team, and to City Farmers for the donation of some great prizes.

 It was great to see the little stuffed dachshunds off to their new homes as well.

The moment the last box of gear was packed into the last car the heavens opened and the rain poured down. We couldn't have timed it better if we tried.

 For more photos check out the Long Dogs facebook group or visit Claire Alexander's page here Claire is making a special offer to Long Dog members leading up to Christmas, so if you'd like 30% off a  dachshund photoshoot and prints send her an email at

A special thanks to our contributors and volunteers

We owe a big thank you to all of the volunteers who put the day together and to everyone who donated on the day. 

 Donations from City Farmers, Sharon Creedy and Jo Tetlow of One Eighty Money and Wealth, Andrew & Debbie Curran, Ashleigh Bastian of Bellacupcake Couture, Sarah & Kingsley, Sarah Newton, Chiara & Vince Campo and crew, Keith Mortimer, and everyone else who helped cook, sell, serve, judge, photograph, set up, pack up, act as wind breaks and generally dog wrangle. Also thank Saxon Gee for all her help in the past and hopefully in the future.

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  1. I can't bring mine anymore, after Frankies operation he has become nasty and when Chip is provoked he also gets nasty, it sucks :( hoping that maybe muzzles will help when they are out? It jsut bandaids the problem though doesnt actually fix it!