Sunday, February 10, 2013

Introducing Mozart and Poppy...

Members #204 & 204



ABOUT US:  Mozart is the brown standard and is a big boy. He has just turned 3.  He is extremely bossy and thinks he owns South Beach when we go on the weekends.

You can usually hear us before we pull in to the car park as he is very vocal. He loves the male visitors and has bonded and adores Gary. He is also a TV addict....tries to chase the animals on the screen....hasn’t  had much luck catching any...

Poppy is our little black one and she is adorable. She is a bubble of life and follows me everywhere. She has now bonded with me. Poppy also just turned 2.

She is always the first up in the mornings...... Mozart is a little slower like 10am.....Unlike her brother Mozart..she likes chasing real animals...

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