Monday, February 11, 2013

Hamish - Southern River

I'm pleased to report that Hamish and his family have been reunited.

Please keep your eyes out for a missing dachshund in Southern River.

Little miniature Dachshunds went missing at a caretaker before leaving for holiday yesterday afternoon but somehow escaped through the front door and has not been found. He is only very small and will really struggle with the heat. The area is also unfamiliar to him.

He (tan one on right) went missing from Southern River Area near Ranford Road on Sunday night 10th February. Last seen in bushland on corner of Holmes Road, backing onto Bletchley Park Estate (Castlewood Road), Southern River. If anyone has seen him, please contact on 0433 741 562  or 0400 740 663 or 0414 449 259. A reward of $500 is offered if found. Please pass this on to everyone you know – Need my baby home as he also has a medical condition and we are devastated!

Thank you all for helping.


  1. I have shared on wtsta facebook - i have hundreds of perth people on there so i HOPE we can find him

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