Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Introducing Reuben and Lucy...

Members #489 & 490


ABOUT US:  Reuben (brown) and Lucy (black) are standard dachshunds who turned four years old in January 2013.

Reuben is very affectionate, follows Mum around, and is a master at taking the squeak and stuffing out of new toys!

Lucy is independent, very sneaky and stubborn, and is always on a diet to keep in shape as she loves her food too much!

We are best friends and soul mates (not siblings or related), spending our time lazing around, playing chasey, going on walks or cuddling up with Mum and Dad.

We went on our first Long Dog Walk in February 2013 at Piney Lakes Reserve and enjoyed meeting the Long Dogs WA family.

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