Monday, June 3, 2013

Introducing Ava and Zelda...

Members # 606 & 607


ABOUT US: Ava and Zelda are sisters, both just over a year and a half old, and they were the only pups in their litter. We originally adopted just Zelda, and Ava went to another family, but a few weeks later she was returned to the breeder when her family had to move interstate for work and couldn't take her with them. The breeder had trouble finding another home for Ava, and in the end we decided to adopt her too :) it was probably the best decision we ever made. After 7 weeks apart Ava and Zelda were thrilled to be reunited! They have lots of fun playing together and always snuggle up together to sleep.

When Ava and Zelda turned one they celebrated their birthday with seven of their canine friends and a ham and peanut-butter cake made by Barkday Paw-ty. A few months later we had the girls and our two pet ferrets photographed by Houndstooth Studios :) I've attached a few of their studio photos. I think Houndstooth did a great job!

The girls favourite activities are going for walks at the local park and dog beach with their Kelpie friend Jena, playing chasey with their ferret siblings Sparks and Lilah, and snuggling up on the couch with their human Mum and Dad to watch a movie.

ED: We are lucky to have an award winning pet photographer in Perth. Alex Cearns at Houndstooth studio has taken photos for a few of our members including our own resident rascal.

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