Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In memory - Casey...

Our thoughts are with Casey's mum today. Your Long Dog family will miss you little girl.

"Casey suffered very briefly and she knew I loved her to the end.

I have truly been blessed having known long dog love and I know she is with Jake."

Member #637

 "the late JAKE"

ABOUT US: Casey (mini smoothie) and Jake (mini long) came into my life in May 1997 and made a place for themselves in my heart that will only ever belong to them.

Jake had a birth defect that meant his tail was docked and was only 7cm long, he had all sorts of health issues, including ectopic cilia (eyelashes on the inside of his eyelids -  resulting in around 7 or 8 operations) epilepsy, a twisted stomach and an under active thyroid.

He was a stoic little fella, and when he went off his food we had him at the vet. While undergoing surgery it was discovered his liver was virtually destroyed from cancer and they let him go on the table. He was 15 years and 4 months old. He was my heart and I still miss him every day over a year later. I love to see other little long haired long dogs and I'm sure I irritate their owners immensely as I always want to have a chat and a pat with any that I see.

Casey is still with us, still going strong although her eyesight and hearing are slowly deteriorating, leaving her a little on the apprehensive side when we are out and about - I try and make her walk literally around the block every day just to keep her active but I know that the world is a little bit scary for her these days. Her favourite thing is to lie on the sofa with a fleece and, if I'm around and sitting still, so much the better. At 16 and a half I reckon she's entitled to have some "me time".

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