Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dachshund Calendars for 2014...

Where does the time go -  2014 Calendars on sale already?

This year we have not one but two different Dachshund calendars on offer, and both support Dachshund Rescue Australia. We think that's great news for all you dachshund lovers out there.

Long Dogs WA Calendar

This year we have our first, very own, Long Dogs WA calendar featuring more than 40 of our gorgeous Long Dog members.  It is lucky they are little dogs – imagine having to cram 40 great danes into 13 months?

Long Dogs WA Calendar
Long Dogs WA Calendar 2014
This calendar is selling for $20 each with the full $20 going to Dachshund Rescue Australia.

To order yours , please register your interest through the posts on our facebook group, or email us at

Please include how many you want to order because we understand that one is never enough.

Long Dogs WA Calendars will be available for pick-up at our Christmas themed fun day on November 24. Postage can be arranged at an extra cost for our regional and interstate members

Dachshund Rescue Australia Calendar 2014


Behind door number two we have the official Dachshund Rescue Australia Calendar.  This showcases some beautiful dogs from all around Australia photographed by some fabulous professional photographers who have generously donated their time for this cause.

These calendars also cost $20 plus $2 postage for each.

For details on ordering one of these please see the details on the Dachshund Rescue Australia facebook page.

Dachshund Rescue Australia Calendar
Dachshund Rescue Australia Calendar 2014

We know you love dachshunds so don’t choose between them – buy both!  Then you’ll have one for home and one for the office.  And with Christmas just around the corner these would make great feel good gifts for friends, family and all those co-workers who talk about that crazy dog man/lady behind your back.

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