Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dachshunds in the park - Christmas themed fun day...

Save the Date

Our next fun day will have a Christmas theme and will be held on November 24 at Riverside Gardens, Bayswater.

Santa has agreed to make a special appearance, and there will be races, sausage in a bun, drinks, a chance to turn your dog into an artist and a stack of other fun things to do and buy. Dress you dog in their Festive best to compete in the fashion show.

If we'd brought out a calendar last year I'd be telling you to write the date in it right now. Make do with what you have for now and watch this space... Information about two fantastic Dachshund  calendars is coming your way.

Our apologies for those who have been waiting eagerly for the pictures form the Piney Lakes walk last month, and to everyone who has sent through their "Introducing... " information.  We have not forgotten you and appreciate your patience. Things have been a bit manic here at HQ and we hope to have everything running at its normal breakneck speed soon.

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