Friday, October 4, 2013

Introducing Hugo and Boss ...

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ABOUT US:  Hugo and Boss turned 9 months old in September.

Boss was the only blk tan male of his litter and lives life to the full...

He is full of courage and beans and sleeps with one eye open to ensure he doesn't miss a thing.  In the park he has no fear and is surprisingly obedient.

At home... he gets bossed about by his brother Hugo but seems to give back what he gets however barks when Hugo steals his toys. Boss will want to crawl under your skin whether you have been out of the house for 5 mins or 5 weeks!
His unique feature is he has 1 rib that protrudes  on his right side ( from memory)..however vet approved.

Hugo, from the same litter as Boss, was the only brown tan male in the litter.

Although brothers they could not be more different. Hugo is reserved in the park, a bit of a scardy cat around larger dogs and will be the first to come up for cuddles when we sit down after work .

However he is quite independent,  likes to be in control of the toys and has been harder to train.

He will sleep on my tummy all night and refuses to sleep down the end of the bed with his brother. He has a very sensitive stomach and we feel sometimes needs a little extra TLC despite being the boss of his brother.

His unique features include his over bite, white anchor shape patch on his chest and sleeping with his tongue out.. sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. When he drinks, his milk more ends up on his face and the floor but he will always cleans it up.

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