Friday, October 18, 2013

POOPS in the Park...

Well that's a bit different...

Actually this is about an event being run by the organisation Pets of Older Persons (POOPS) WA.

They are holding an event some of you might be interested in on Sunday 27 October.

Some of you already know about POOPS, but for those who don't it is a fantastic volunteer organisation that helps keep pets and their less mobile pawrents together.

I volunteer just one afternoon a week in my local area walking a cute little maltese cross for a lovely lady who can't get out herself and can say it is very rewarding. 

They are always looking for volunteers to help walk dogs, so check it out. Also, share the news if you know anyone who could be helped by them.

For more information about the event or about who POOPS are, check out their web site.

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