Monday, December 2, 2013

Introducing Max and Millie...

 Members # 714 & 715



About Us: Millie is very loving and LOVES to burrow under the doona and snuggle, especially when we have just made out bed lol.  We call her our little cat, as she loves to lie on the top of the couch in our front lounge, like a cat, and bark at everyone walking past on the opposite side of the road.

Max is is very demanding for attention, and if I am standing up and not paying him attention, he will sit up beautifully like this for me, to get my attention.  He is a real licker, and at the moment a real barker.  You will hear him coming tomorrow (Eeeek). We will be getting in touch with Cazz Pawstogether soon, to get some behavioural training.

Max & Millie are our babies, and have been through a little bit of late.  Max ate something he should have, and had Major surgery to remove it, for 4 places in his bowels and stomach. That was quite a rough couple of days for us all.

Ed. I hope your enjoyed the day at the FUNdraiser and that Max is back to full health.

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