Friday, December 27, 2013

Introducing Tilly...

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ABOUT ME: Hello we found long dogs WA quite by accident but would love to join, we moved to Perth in 2009 and brought 3 standard smooth haired dachshunds with us, but have had a tough 18 months first losing Baxter our 10yr old Black & Tan suddenly in June last year, then Tilly our 8 yr old Red  ruptured a vertebral disc in her neck  3 months ago and we had to rush her to surgery almost losing her post surgery, but thankfully recovering completely, and finally losing our oldest boy Brock a 13yr old shaded red suddenly last Monday after collapsing with liver and kidney failure and spending 18hrs in ICU.

We would love for Tilly to be able to meet up with some Dachis as she's missing her buddies badly.

I've attached a pic taken in happier times in the garden.

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