Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introducing Dodge...

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ABOUT ME:  We first met Dodge on a sunny farm in Serpentine where he was surrounded by chickens and ducks and this is when the Long Dogs WA vollie team began the search for a more quiet home for him to retire in.

As we drove away we were certain that Dodge knew it was a final goodbye to the farm as he watched his current home get further away through the car window. It was at that point that he began his journey to the big city and to a new life in the 'burbs' with a loving foster family, namely Sarah, Kingsley and his new bestie Smudge. 

Life inside a house was a real change for Dodge as he learnt to cook, open foot pedal bins to help clean up after dinner and enjoy the comfort of a nice soft sofa to sleep on. His new bestie even taught him the tricks required to be seen as a cute city sausage by blowing raspberries in the back yard!

 Perhaps it was destiny that we then learnt that Dodge was in fact a grand dad and that one of his grandson's was actually living very near by so Dodge then moved in with Pepe for what would become his retirement home.

Although we don't know all of Dodge's story, before we all came to meet him, we do know that he has been warmly welcomed by the Long Dogs WA family and has since made a lot of friends and stolen several hearts.

Dodge will be twelve years old in a few weeks time and with his new companion Pepe, we will begin to tell his story from here on as 'grandpa Dodge' which he is now known as by many.

He loves belly rubs, enjoys sleeping with his belly facing the sky and will always follow us into the kitchen. He is great at snoring and loves being in the sun.


 Although he rarely barks, when he does it is certainly the bark of an old soul even though he runs like a puppy with that bouncy trot and his ears flapping in the wind.

He's known for his signature limp but this doesn't stop him from getting about. He looks forward to new longdogs friendships and seeing everyone at the group walks.

ED: Dodge made his way into the Long Dogs WA family by way of Dachshund Rescue Australia and we are delighted that he'll get to spend his twilight years being loved and cared for.

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