Friday, January 3, 2014

Introducing Tim...

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ABOUT ME:  Tim is a 10 year old miniature smooth dachshund.

As you can see he enjoys a rest and the odd tummy rub on his sister's freshly made bed!

He loves being an integral part of the family and has a say in everything that we do. He doesn't bark but only alerts the household when the master of the house arrives home from work each day. He is a talker and loves to have a chat. His vet says that he should ask Santa for more brains and less personality each year!

He is enjoying the summer holidays with his brother and sister swimming in the pool everyday.

He is from a long dynasty of Tim dogs in our extended family across the country. His grandparents on a farm near Wagga in NSW have had Timmy 1,2 & 3 ( always Black and Tan mini smooths), he is number 4 and his grandparents currently have Tim number 5 who we will see on holidays in a few weeks time!

When our daughter was very young she thought they were "Tim " dogs and not mini smooth dachshunds! He is a great dog and the love and affection he shows the family is always unconditional.

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