Saturday, January 25, 2014

Survey 2014...

We'd like to say a big thank you to all of those members who took the time to respond to the Long Dogs Survey. In the words of Aaron Sorkin "decisions are made by those who turn up".  We wanted to share a short summary of the results with you.

94% of respondents were in favour of us continuing to support Dachshund Rescue Australia. Respondents were also in favour of Long Dogs re-investing some of the funds raised back into local events and to support education about dachshund related issues such as IVDD.

91% supported Long Dogs officially registering as a not-for-profit, but we felt we didn't properly explain;
a) why we thought this was worth considering or
b) what the implications are

There will be some more information about this as we explore the issue. Generally speaking it will let us operate like a local sporting club and enable us to ensure complete transparency to you, Long Dogs members.

Walks - the feedback was that Sundays were the preferred day generally and that there was a mix of preference for morning, afternoon and location. As a result we have scheduled walks to run throughout the year with a mix of am and pm and at a variety of venues.

Some members thought that walks should include a gold coin donation, and others felt that members are having to put hand in pocket too often already. For now we have decided that there will be no fundraising at any of the walks in 2014, but we will continue to hold 2 fundraising events each year.

We will aim to offer more free activities on the fun days while allowing those who wish to support fundraising efforts to do so.

45% of those who responded wanted us to run more than 2 fundraising events each year - that might be something we could consider in the future.

Generally the feedback was that people liked the activities that are held on the fun days, and that they wanted to see either the same level or more of these kinds of activities. There were also some great new suggestions which we will be looking into.

91% wanted us to do another calendar for 2015 so we will be kicking off the process soon to avoid the mad rush we had last year.

There was also considerable interest in Long Dogs merchandise so we will continue to explore and present options there. A number of members came up with some great new ideas too so we will work through those as we go along.

We also got some bouquets and brickbats in the comments section and we are very appreciative of both. In some cases what one person loves is what someone else hates so the trick is to try to balance that as best we can. We assume we won't always get that balance right, but you can't please all of the dachshunds all of the time. Except if there is cheese involved.

So you know who to thank or blame in turn, the current bunch of regular volunteers and organisers is as follows;

  • "Mrs T" aka Jo Tetlow - The Voice (of reason)
  • "SassyG" aka Sarah Guiton - sends you spam about walks, manages memberships and edits the blog
  • TJ "make-it-happen" Snell - -sorts out so many things behind the scenes you (and Jo) have no idea
  • "Michael (Judge Judy) Comley" - #1 arbitrator of facebook disputes, infractions, answerer of questions and all round nice guy
  • "Sausage Soul Sister" aka Chiara Campo - the lady behind the hot dog stand and sponsorships
  • Kelly Comley - The actual Voice of Reason
  • Andrew "Bob the Builder and Baker and Candle stickmaker" Curran - steps ramps up wherever anyone is needed, constructs, packs, carries, builds...
  • Debbie "No Nonsense" Curran - helps to keep the facebook peace and keep out the spammers
  • Sarah Pratt - Grammar checker and dog wrangler extraordinaire
  • Kingsley "the quiet achiever" Matheson
  • "Mr T" aka John Tetlow
  • Mike Snell & Vince Campo - I don't want to embarrass the boys by telling everyone about all the hard work they do - I'd make them both blush
And our newest volunteers (who I am yet to makes up names for or don't well enough to insult);
  • Heidi
  • Chris
  • Mercedes
  • Ellen
A few new folk have put their hands up to be slaves a part of the team. We really appreciate that and will be in touch. 

We will plan to run another survey at the end of 2014, but if you have something to say to us, please don't hold it in until then.  Our email address is and we are always pleased to hear from you.

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