Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dachshunds in the park - Carine 2014

84 dachshunds and their families met up at Carine Open Space for a walk, a chat and general sniffing of bottoms (the dogs that is, not the people).

We had long haired, short haired and wire haired dachshunds representing, 

as well as a mix of the tiniest minis to some respectably large standards.

Although young Chester is widely touted as the dog with the smallest ear to head ratio, I think this little one would give him a run for his money.

 There were the sporty types...

And those who were more included to snuggle down with mum or dad.

Everyone moved at their own pace...

Stopping to smell the news on the way round.

You may have noticed that we didn't take roll call at this walk. We agreed with what many of you said in our survey that that process was just taking too long and was too much like hard work.

Thanks to our head counters today for our tally of attendees, to everyone for coming along and to those who helped organise the walk.

I suspect there will be a higher than normal proportion of napping dachshunds in the Perth area this afternoon.

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  1. Hi Does anyone know of a minature pup less than 1 year old could be purchased? Pref chocolate but not necessary thanks Sue 0407442535