Saturday, February 8, 2014

Introducing Pixie...

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ABOUT ME: This is our beautiful girl PIXIE who is a 6 months old, longhair miniature dacsh who loves to be friends with everyone.

I still remember all the good memories of pixie the first day of her arrival we had to drive to Mandurah to pick this cutie and she fell asleep in my lap all the way home, her vet visit, puppy class and graduation to she lost her baby tooth and getting her permanent teeth all good and grown now.

She loves playing with toys, chewing sticks and is a fussy eater. She is very good with other dogs and young kids.

She is very well behaved and does not leave the door till we ask her to come out and for her good behaviour we take her to the park everyday in the evening to play with her friends.

We love her so much that we make trip so she can come along camping and sleep with us in the same bed, donno what we'll do without her.

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