Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dachshunds in the Park - Burswood 16 March...

The big hearts of Long Dogs WA members is matched only by the love and loyalty of their dogs.

102 dogs and their owners turned out on Sunday to remember Chilli. Many of you donated raffle prizes, and so many of you bought tickets and made cash donations.  When added to the contributions already received this came to a grand total of $1700.60.

While we know that Chilli's family still grieves for her, we hope that this has relieved some of the pressure from a family who opened their home to a little dog in need.

In addition, Chilli's mum has asked that some of this money be held in a Long Dogs WA fund for a future long dog in need.

We'd like to say a special thank you to Sary who coordinated this effort and all of our tireless (or semi tireless) volunteers. You guys all know how awesome you are, right?

Enough of all that schmaltzy stuff - to the cute fluffies!

It was wonderful to lots of people paying tribute to Chilli by wearing red.  The cute balloons were a lovely touch (thank you Debbie).

It was stunning afternoon by the river.
It may be fair to say that the "keep left" rules could have been more vigorously applied...

But they are just so cute I'm sure that they can be forgiven.

For more pictures from this walk, please check our facebook group, or our online gallery.

In March we will be walking at Camfield drive in Burswood.

DATE: Sunday 16 March 2014
TIME: 4pm
MEETING POINT: Camfield Drive

By popular request this walk will also be in memory of Chilli.

About Chilli...

For those of you who never met Chilli; she was a lovely little girl rescued from unsavory conditions and brought into the heart of the Ashby household. She was a big sister, a pillow hog, a lapwarmer and an obstacle course all rolled into one tiny package.

As a result of over breeding and neglect she developed mammary tumors, which quickly grew into mammary cancer. In a cruel (and unexpected) twist she didn't survive the surgery that was to be her salvation.

In honour of her memory and in honour of the overflow of love and adoration she received from her family, this Long Dog walk will be dedicated to Chilli, to recognise what a truly exceptional girl she was and what a loving family she belonged to.

Unfortunately there are still vet bills to be paid, so we will be accepting donations should you wish to make them, as well as a raffle and some other activities. The proceeds will go to Chilli's family to help cover her medical and funeral expenses.

That said; if fundraisers are not your thing please feel free to bring your snags for free. At the end of the day we're really just a bunch of people taking our ridiculous-looking dogs for a walk and comparing funny (and often mortifying) stories.

We hope to see you all there.

Sweet dreams Chilli xoxo

You are invited to wear red to the walk in her memory.

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