Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introducing Louie...

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ABOUT ME: After losing our beautiful boy Harley in January our house and hearts were very empty. Our dog Angus was very depressed, so we started looking for a standard boy to join our family. We found Louie from Townsville and he arrived a few weeks later.

He is 16 weeks old and seems soooo long after a chubby choc Harley. He is a funny boy with lots of character. He is respectful of Angus but they have become good friends and he loves ally's mini girl Sansa and they can play till they drop. He has a friendly outgoing nature though typical dachsie greets everyone with a bark till he realises "friend".

We love him to bits, hoping everyone will meet him on future long fogs walks (along with Angus).

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