Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dachshunds in the Park - Mandurah

It was a very special Sunday from South West sausages yesterday, with walks in Mandurah and Albany.

Despite dire weather forecasts the day turned out to be sunny, dry and just the right amount of warm.
We had 41 dachshunds and some of their friends with as at Hall Park.

It wasn't that long a walk, but there was at least one with little legs who started out strong, but didn't want to walk the whole way without a little lay down.

Some first timers were a bit suspicious.

Others less so

There was, of course, adult supervision.

After the walk there was time for a quick drink with friends

before heading home for a well deserved Sunday snooze.

For more pictures of the Mandurah walk you can see our online gallery.
For pictures of the Albany walk, check out the album on facebook.

For our July walk we're heading south to Mandurah.

We are having a walk at Leighton Place, Hall Park, Halls Head in Mandurah. After the walk we will have a picnic. Hope to see you there. DATE: Sunday 20 July  2014 TIME: 11 AM MEETING POINT: Leighton Place, Hall Park.

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