Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November FUNdraiser - Country and Western

It was wonderful to see so many of you there on Sunday.

We kept the events short and sweet to keep everyone out of the sun, but those ten minutes on the runway brought out some beautiful costumes.  Apologies to those who turned up a little later, we did cut things a bit short on the day (no pun intended) .

It was like a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what New York Fashion week must look like as our models quickly shimmied into their country couture, gave us two short struts around the runway before applauding the winners and returning to lounge by the pool to say how unfair the judging was. (I made that last part up - despite their reputation dachshunds aren't bitchy).

If you're not inclined towards dogs in drag, please feel free to skip this bit and go down to the grand total raised for Dachshund Rescue Australia.

We made good use of all of convenient features of Kings Meadow Polo Ground on Sunday. Having power and water even allowed us to have Deanne from Dee's Dog Grooming there to give dogs a bath.
Dee's Dog Services

TJ was hard at work in the Straw bale photo booth.  Everyone was very impressed with the fabulous set created by Andrew and Lisa.

For more photos from the day including the photo booth pictures, check out the online gallery.

We'd like to extend a vigorous belly rub to everyone who came along and made it a great day out. Special licks to those who helped with the judging, donated to the up-cycling table, and anyone who bought one of our great 2015 calendars. We still have some for sale.

A special, big scratch behind the ear for all of the following folk who either worked their tails off on the day, in the lead up, all the time and those who donated prizes and services.  

In the random order of a pack of dachshunds on leads trying to navigate a lamp post...

Jo and John Tetlow
TJ and Mike Snell
Chiara and Vince Campo
Andrew and Debbie Curran
Sarah Pratt
Lisa Kenchington
Jane Brown
Chris Dowling
Yuko and Corey
Heidi Shukralla
Jess Simmons
Merissa Devlin
Lucy Henderson
Michael and Kelly Comley
Sarah Guiton and Kingsley Matheson

With your generous support we were able to raise over $3000 for Dachshund Rescue Australia and that is something to smile about.

It's time to throw your hats in the air - we're having us a hoedown. 

Our end of year Long Dogs WA event will be held at King Meadow Polo Ground and it's going to be a little bit Country...and Western that is (to be said in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn).

Date : Sunday 16 November 2014
Time : 12-4pm
Location : Kings Meadow Polo Ground, Meadow St, Guildford

We're hoping that we'll get a few people to join their dogs in fancy dress this time around so if you're that way inclined, dust off your chaps, iron your Sunday best check shirt, or just slap on a hat, sling a bandana round your neck and mosey on down to our low slung OK-Corral.

We have some cool prizes for the best dressed, a raffle with some unique, can't-buy-it-for-love-or-money, one-of-a-kind prizes, an up-cycling table and all the fun of the fair.

There are some great things planned for the day including a mix of free events and fundraising for Dachshund Rescue Australia.
  • Dashion parade
  • Raffle
  • Photo booth 
  • Sausage in a bun
  • Soft drinks
  • Tea and Coffee
If you're at the loose end of a leash on the day and able to help out, please let us know. We're always looking for extra volunteers to help things run smoothly.

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