Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dachshunds in the park - Carine January 2015

Perth dialed down the heat right on cue on Sunday, letting long dogs and their families amble around the lake at Carine Open space at their leisure, taking the occasional stop for a good roll in duck poo. The dogs that is, not the families.  At least, not as far as we know...

We had wires, longs, smooths, standards, minis, ring-ins, black and tans, reds, brindles, chocolates,  devon creams, latte.. I'll have to stop that now because that is making me hungry...

There were 103 dachshunds in attendance, many of whom stopped to play, socialise  and generally hang out afterwards.

The 'old hands' passed on the secret nose shake to the newbies.

There were some super models in the crowd showing us all how it is done.

And some who were not so convinced about the pup-arazzi

Wally left his stripey hat at home, but we found him anyway.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made it another great walk. Extra long thanks to everyone who bought one of the show bags we had on sale.  All funds going to Dachshund Rescue Australia. This special is available online until Sunday for those who missed the walk.

More photos on facebook, and in the online gallery.

 Don't forget there is the Albany Walk this Sunday, 25 January.

Keep those tails wagging til next time.

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