Sunday, January 11, 2015

Introducing George and Milo......

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ABOUT ME: Nearly 9 years ago, George came into our lives. We’d never had a dachshund before, so had no idea what we were getting ourselves in for! What a wonderful, crazy, sometimes challenging life! We’d never change a second of it! Although, sadly, in early 2014, George became very sick – it was certainly touch-and-go there for a while, and after many tears and cuddles (and teary cuddles!) and a diagnosis of diabetes (as well as acute pancreatitis), we’re learning to manage George’s condition and he’s never been healthier! It’s a daily thing and our lives literally now revolve around our little man – he has to be fed basically every 12 hours and given his insulin thereafter. Sometimes is tough, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, and George is such a little trooper, never complaining about having his needle twice a day, or the distinct lack of snacking and treats he used to so enjoy! George probably eats better than we do now – with our focus always on his dinner – ours as an after-thought – I have to laugh (and love!) when we go to the vet for George’s regular vet-checks, my partners utter dedication and attention to George’s meals – telling the vet, to the gram (seriously!), each part of George’s meal the night, day, week before!
In 2014 we also decided it was time to get George a friend – enter, Milo. George has been the perfect big brother to [not so] little [anymore!] Milo, certainly teaching him many more things than we have (some, like the common dachie bark at strangers, dogs and odd thuds, not so welcomed though if we’re honest!). They are completely different little personalities, with George being quite shy and reserved, and anxious at times, and Milo being far too brave and curious for his own good, at times! George is getting a little older now, and sometimes doesn’t want to play; Milo always wants to play with and kiss his big brother! Sometimes Milo gets put in his place, but I must say, certainly has the cutest sulky act, with head on paw, waiting, hoping eventually George will come and play – I don’t know how he resists! Milo will be 6 months old at the end of January; George will be 9 on Valentine’s Day. We hope to have many, many more years of healthy, happy, noisy chaos with these two crazy guys!

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