Sunday, January 4, 2015

Introducing Lucy.....

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ABOUT ME: Hi, I am Lucy and I am a mini smooth haired Black and Tan baby 1yr old. I am very spoiled, and am loved by my entire family. I sleep in my parent’s bed as much as my Dad protests (due to me being whining & growling all night if I have to sleep in my bed on the floor). My Mum tells people I am a twin because me and my human brother are always together getting into mischief, or destroying things, or digging holes, and she can guarantee if she finds one the other is usually not far away. My Mum and Dad believe I was destined to be in our family, as I was born on my Dad’s birthday, and my dashie mothers name was Mishca, and the midwife that delivered my two human sisters was also called Mishca. I am not very social with other dogs, but love (destroying) soft toys, and chasing balls, I also love to run around the outside of the trampoline barking at the kids while they are jumping inside. I will pretty much eat anything including clothes and Mum swears I have an iron stomach, I have learnt to sneak food whilst the kids are watching TV or preoccupied and by the time they realise I nicked their snacks it is way too late to get anything back lol cheeky sausage I am. We live in the Hammond Park area, & am hoping to get to socialise with other dogs and not stress and freak out all the time.

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